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The GTS Story

The founders of GTS have expertise in Cryptography, Distributed Ledger Technology, Finance, and Law. This specific overlap of technologies has provided unobvious insights into building a CBDC Platform that is suitable for the central banks of the world.

The first proposal of the GTS Platform’s algorithm, “UnityBFT” was conceived in 2017 and verified in 2018. In early 2019, GTS set the foundation by building a team consisting of global experts in cryptography and distributed computing. The second part of 2019's focus is on building the GTS Platform, Forex payment application, and structuring the correct legal frameworks in order to work with a network of Central Banks seeking to implement a Digital Currency (CBDC).

GTS Mission

To strike a balance between Innovation and equitable growth of the company, while maintaining the highest levels of security and regulatory excellence for our customers.

Our Locations

Delaware, USA (Registered Location)
Taipei, Taiwan (Admin Office)
Rayyan, Qatar (Coming Soon)

Our Products

CBDC Platform

The GTS Platform consists of a fully secure High-Throughput private blockchain designed for Central Banks and financial institutions that require robust and scalable performance for B2B, B2C, and C2C transactions.

The platform is designed to support banks in handling KYC and AML, while users can use the platform in an anonymous way. With millions of potential users, it must be able to handle more than 300,000 "retail payment transactions" per second, and "transaction response time" shall not exceed 3.5 seconds for each transaction.

On the basis of RTGS (Real-Time Gross Settlement), our system automatically performs bilateral or multilateral offsets for transactions with insufficient deductions, and liquidates the net balance after offset, to reduce the liquidity demand of banks and increase the efficiency of capital utilization.

Our federated quorum architecture’s throughput is expected to surpass any current system, achieving over 12,000 tx/second per shard and expects to exceed 500,000 tx/second at scale which is the most performing in the world.

Governance of the GTS Platform is achieved through military-grade encryption technologies, enabling organizations to create bespoke, refined governing structures, permissions, and procedures engendering operational excellence and transparency.

A hybrid public/private blockchain platform where reserve accounts within the Central Bank have the ability to “release”, “use” and “destroy” digital currency within a separate Central Bank Digital Currency account. This system allows interbank, branch to branch, and wallet to wallet payments.

Payment Application:

Complete transparency within wallet to wallet payments. Designed to support banks in handling KYC and AML. We use Zero-Knowledge Proofs to share partial information of KYCed approved clients.

  • KYC
  • Forex
  • Encrypted Chat

Highest Business and Ethical Standards

GTS has the moral obligation to strike a balance between profitability and social conscience. A balance of Innovation and equitable growth of the company is paramount. This should go without saying, GTS will not work with countries or corporations that are blacklisted.

Investor Information

  • GTS currently has three board members who are also the co-founders of the company.
  • GTS (Global Treasury Syndicate) is a Delaware C founded in November 2019.
  • For more information, please contact [email protected]

Investor Relations

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  • For more information please contact [email protected]

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